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The LiftSafe® "Forklift Instructor Training & Resource Guide" is a 12 section, 130 page manual designed for use in all 50 states to provide all of the pertinent information a forklift instructor needs to do his or her job. Included is a condensed version (for training purposes) as well as a complete version (for reference) of OSHA's powered industrial truck regulation 1910.178. In addition, you will find statistics on forklift accidents, forklift accident summaries, OSHA interpretation letters, and frequently asked questions about powered industrial truck training. Also, because California has forklift regulations that are unique to the state, the entire Cal/OSHA General Industry Safety Orders 3649 through 3668 are included, as well as, the Cal/OSHA "Operating Rules For Industrial Trucks" wall poster in both English and Spanish. If you are training in California, make sure the materials you use are compliant in California, particularly in the area of powered walk behinds and safety platforms, as some popular programs are based solely on federal regs and do not address the California differences. Other sections include how to perform the classroom training (with lesson plan), the instructor's key for the LiftSafe® "Professional Operator Written Response Workbook", classroom tests, setting up and performing the hands-on evaluation in the workplace, documenting your training, and more. Reproducible pre-shift inspection forms, classroom tests (3 forklift types) and forklift operator evaluation forms (3 types) are provided.

Section 1 - Overview
Section 2 - Statistical Data
Section 3 - OSHA Regulations
Section 4 - Application Specific Training Needs
Section 5 - Classroom Instruction
Section 6 - Instructor’s Key for Operator Workbook and Written Tests
Section 7 – Written Tests
Section 8 - Hands-on Coaching and Evaluation
Section 9 – Forms: Pre-shift Checklists, Operator Evaluations
Section 10 – Documentation
Section 11 - Glossary
Section 12 – Training Materials Order Form

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