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The "Professional Operator Written Response Workbook" is the cornerstone of the class program. Contained within this 32 page workbook is coverage of various required topics including OSHA regulations, forklift types and components, design principles, operating fundamentals, pre-shifts inspections, loading dock safety, battery maintenance, and propane refueling. It is designed to be completed by the students, lead by the instructor working as a group, answering the questions contained within it. The instructor reads the question and someone, or several in the group, will respond with the answer. Each book contains both internal combustion and electric pre-shift inspection forms, and separate operator evaluation forms for walk behind forklifts, electric ride-on forklifts, and internal combustion forklifts. The workbook serves several functions:

  • It contains required information with questions and graphics in an easy to use format, which assures full coverage of material.

  • It requires the student to participate in the learning process rather than being passive during the class.

  • Written answers promote better retention.

  • The workbook provides documentation for proof of training when it is needed.

Included with each LiftSafe® Written Response Workbook is a LiftSafe® Forklift Operator Certification Card. This wallet sized certification card meets all OSHA requirements for documentation. The cards have a place to put the date of the training, the date of the evaluation, the name of the instructor, the name of the evaluator, as well as, space to include up to 5 forklift types. Cards are available separately to LiftSafe® trained organizations for re-certification purposes.

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