"Safe and Productive Forklift Operation is Our Goal"


"What I liked most about the training was the hands-on participation." R. Garcia, Contract Coatings

"The whole class was great.  I gained a lot of information."  K. Swinhart, Dick's Carpet Outlet

"Very complete view of all issues."  D. Ferguson, Cal-Steam

"The instructor kept the class interesting."  M. Veloz, ESC Refining

"I liked the group working together as a team on the evaluation. It was very educational and fun."  M. Spears, Power Engineering

" It was easy, no difficulties. Keep it just like it is."  A. Kahn, Alstyle Apparel

"The training related directly to the type of work we do and equipment we use."  S. Odenbrett, Zenon Environmental Systems

"The materials received are very useful to doing training on site."  L. Sims, YLA, Inc.

"The instructor kept my attention during the whole class - normally hard to do. (I work 3rd shift)"  A. Savala, Calistoga Mineral Water

I liked the pace of the class and the instructor's willingness to answer all questions completely. This is an excellent class."  C. Soles, ESC Refining

"The training could save my life or someone else's."  R. Ludwigsen, Markstein

"The trainer was very informed."  J. Yokoyama, Genentech

"Current information; trainer knowledge, experience and help."  J. Nevarez, Golden Nursery

"The training was very informative and enjoyable."  M. Johnson, Maytag Corp.

"I appreciate that you gave highlights of the OSHA standard and not the entire standard.  It was very informative and punctual."  G. Johnson, Maytag Corp.

"Good, clear instruction. Will recommend to other companies." J. Difraia, Utility Vault

"The videos were specific and to the point."  J. Lopez, Pleasant Hill Bayshore

"It helped to evaluate and drive to see both sides."  H. Goritz, Pinnacle Composite Solutions

"The instructor has a great ability to communicate and make the class enjoyable."  D. Arroyo, R. K. Services

"Increased awareness of the dangers that are present in operating forklifts."  G. Burton, U.S.A.F. 

I liked the hands-on portion. The instructor is very informative and professional."  B. Gorgonio, U.S.A.F

"It's relaxed and informal, yet concise, informative and effective."  L. Pasion, Teradyne, Inc.

"The instructor kept us involved and interested in the subject."  C. Bergen, Tulocay and Co.

"The instructor really kept the training interesting and exciting."  L. Thornton, Veritable Vegetable

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