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    LiftSafe® is dedicated to ensuring a safe environment in the material handling workplace. For more information about our instruction; select any of the following topics:

Classroom Instruction
LiftSafe® offers one of the most comprehensive programs available for training forklift operators. The training is tailored to the specific needs of your organization and involves about 3 hours of classroom work. Topics include:

  • OSHA and Cal/OSHA laws governing lift truck use and operation

  • truck types

  • pre-shift inspection

  • data plates

  • load centers

  • the stability triangle

  • effects of mast tilt

  • load stability

  • ramp operation

  • picking/placing loads

  • operation at loading docks in trailers and railcars

  • pedestrian traffic concerns

  • refueling/recharging

  • other situations unique to your operation

A written test is part of the training and is reviewed with the operators to ensure understanding and retention of materials covered.

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Hands-On Evaluation
To comply with the law and ensure that the operator has the ability to operate safely, each operator is required to pass a hands-on evaluation in the workplace on each truck type they will be assigned to operate.  The LiftSafe® method requires the operator to demonstrate proficiency in forklift operation in a manner that mirrors actual use in the workplace.  This requires approximately 10 to 20 minutes per operator, per truck, in a "one-on-one" training/evaluation session. Operators are scored on a 100 point system that requires 90 points or better to be certified.  The evaluation can be performed by LiftSafe® or the employer's designated person that has been trained in the evaluation process; contact us for details.

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Course Materials
All necessary materials are provided including:

  • OSHA and Cal/OSHA operating rules

  • LiftSafe® Written Response Workbooks

  • certification cards

  • operator evaluation forms

  • pre-shift inspection forms

The provided documentation demonstrate proof of training and should be kept on file for compliance auditing purposes.

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Loading Dock Safety
We examine your loading dock to determine if it is within compliance with OSHA and Cal/OSHA standards. An inspection will be made to confirm that the necessary equipment is available, such as, wheel chocks, bridge plates, and trailer support jacks.  If using electric forklifts, we ensure that charging equipment is installed properly and an eye wash station is present.

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Cost of training varies based on location, number of operators and types of equipment.  Please call us at  925-838-8859, or email us, so that we can discuss your needs and offer you the most competitive pricing.   

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